Cultural Agility

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Global Leadership & Agile Communication

In today’s competitive business environment leaders must continuously develop to be ready to push forward growth strategies, drive innovation and work directly with customers and employees from anywhere in the world.

In a survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit, 90% of executives from 68 countries define ‘cultural intelligence and agility as their top challenge when working virtually and across borders.

(virtual training workshops)

About the Event

This workshop allows participants to experience the importance and impact of culture on communication and helps them to identify ways to avoid mis-communication and cultural clashes.


  • To show participants how easily conflicts and miscommunication occur through lack of self-awareness and unconscious bias

  • To demonstrate the significance of code-switching for all membrs of the team and their leaders

  • To encourage participants to identify their own capabilities,, focus on and realise their untapped potential

This workshop will be highly interactive and practical. It will not be recorded.

Along with the interactive workshop, you’ll get access to resources and activities to help you practice and a group & private chat area where you can ask all your questions before and after the workshop.

Duration: 90 minutes

If you are seeking business success in international trading relations, or have senior managers, executives or team members who need to appreciate cultural differences and resolve communication challenges successfully, I can help. Please feel free to all me on 07958 629220 or email

What clients & participants say:

"Marina is a very accomplished coach. I had the great fortune of attending her workshops which are delivered with such passion and enthusiasm. Always on top of her subject, Marina makes all her engagements very interactive, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable. There’s both time for reflection and deep learning in the group sessions where she actively encourages people to share experiences and stories. You come away with raised awareness and a new-found sense of empowerment. If you need someone to help you see your ‘world’ from a different and promising perspective, Marina will certainly do that for you." Manager, Project Management Institute

"Marina has a wealth of knowledge and experience in intercultural training, consultancy and coaching. I attended one of her webinars, which was engaging and informative. She showed great, virtual facilitation skills, plus she's one of the warmest and friendlies people I've encountered. Working with and learning from Marina is a pure pleasure." Global Sales Director, Infiana