Diversity is a Fact – Inclusion is aN ACT

But what does this mean and how does it affect your international marketing? 

16th February 2022

Diversity refers to the makeup and composition of an organisation's workforce, for example the number of women on their boards.

Inclusion is a matter of beliefs and behaviours of an individual, team, or organisation, and is therefore a matter of choice. 

However, just because an organisation has become more diverse doesn't mean it is inclusive, and just ticking all the boxes in marketing doesn't really work either.

Moreover, if you intend to market overseas online or in person to a diverse audience, the issues become more complex. There is a tendency to assume what you perceive through your cultural lens is the same as what others perceive. You never know what you don't know about people from different cultures and backgrounds.

If you’re based in Yorkshire and the Humber and do business overseas, next week (Wednesday 23 February, 13:00 - 15:00) I am delighted to be hosting the Department for International Trade (DIT) Yorkshire & the Humber workshop, ‘Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing’ on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) as part of the UK Export Academy.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain the latest insights to grow your international sales. The following topics will be covered:

The principles and importance of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

How to enhance awareness of D&I in your marketing

What happens if you neglect or embrace diversity in marketing?

The dangers of Unconscious Bias

Three key principles to keep D&I top of mind

Marketers and agencies play a pivotal role in setting the standards and embedding sustainable business practices in any communication or advertising strategy. While they can strategically influence and operationally drive inclusive marketing forward, sometimes they don't know where to begin.

In this two-hour interactive workshop, you will start to understand the increasing importance of inclusive marketing. Get it right, and you will build trust and loyalty with your customers and tap into a large audience of potential buyers. Get it wrong, you will damage your brand reputation, market share and sales.

You will get some practical takeaways that you can implement straight away which will help you understand just how much your brand accurately and authentically represents the diversity of your consumer base.

I do hope you are able to join me on the day. If you haven’t registered, then there is still time by going to the link below:


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