Marina Ibrahim (she/her), a British-German thought leader with Egyptian roots, excels as a speaker, coach, and consultant in Inclusion and Cultural Diversity, consistently driving forward the conversation in this vital field.

Marina, a certified Cultural Diversity Professional, NLP Practitioner, Performance Coach, MCIM Chartered Marketer, has been recognised with multiple Service Excellence and Diversity & Inclusion awards for her cross-cultural competency trainings.

Leveraging her lived experience and multicultural identity as a mixed-race woman to continue the focus on diversity and inclusion in society and in the workplace, she offers insightful strategies to dismantle barriers associated with diversity, ensuring equitable access to opportunities locally and globally.

Fluent in German and English and knowledge in Egyptian-Arabic, French, Greek and Italian, Marina has a rich career in marketing and communications. She has empowered multinational corporates with their talent development and diversity strategies.


Marina lives by William Butler Yeats' words, “There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet.”