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WiRE iStart Business Challenge

From 2015 to 2016 Marina co-created and successfully delivered the WiRE’s iStart business start-up workshops in Shropshire and also supported female business owners as part of the accompanied iStart mentoring programme.

The feedback

“We have worked with Marina over a period of years as a local WiRE Network Leader, more recently WiRE had the pleasure of working more closely with Marina to design and deliver a unique start-up programme for women in business. Marina is a pleasure to work with; she is intuitive and knowledgeable, bringing a wide range of expertise and skills. She is flexible in her approach and creative in the way she seeks solutions and delivers a programme. She has a high degree of integrity and knowledge and received the highest praise for her work.” Polly Gibb, Director of WiRE

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marina as one of the mentors and trainers for the Women and Broadband Challenge, delivered by WiRE. Her enthusiasm and knowledge puts everyone at ease and she has a great upbeat delivery. I have also been a delegate at one of the workshops delivered by Marina and found it to be informative and fun.” Emma Cantillion, Project Manager WiRE iStart Business Challenge

“I attended a WiRE training day delivered by Marina. She was able to tailor the day to suit all members of the diverse audience by altering the pace and focus of her delivery. Her style is clear, direct and inspiring, and her broad knowledge of the subject area (key features for building a successful business) was appreciated by all attendees. Although there was a lot to fit into the day, she timed the sessions well, providing just the right amount of information” Sarah Platt Social Media Consultant

“Marina is great fun to work with. She is engaging, perceptive and able to digest lots of complex information and then ask pertinent reflective questions which I find very helpful in framing my challenges and priorities and exploring ways forward. She produces lots of practical resources and sets assignments between each session. I wanted to make the most of my initial series of sessions so took the assignments seriously and found them time consuming and challenging but extremely productive. I feel after just one month and 5 sessions with Marina I have shaped Creative Inspiration Shropshire's strategic priorities, have the rudiments of a business growth plan and have the confidence to move forward with it. Thanks Marina!” Jane Povey, Medical Director at Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust 

"I had a dream..." but I didn't know how to realise the dream and where to start with the million and one ideas I had racing around my mind. I didn't event know I needed a mentor but by becoming my mentor, Marina listened, provided structure and a strategy to turn my dream into a reality. I am now starting out on a freelance basis and as my ideas have evolved, so too, has the support from Marina. Highly recommended. Nikki Ayton, Digital Project Manager OBB Broadband & Business Owner ‘Creative Emotions’

Marches WiRE Network Leader

From 2013 to 2017 Marina supported local business women across the Marches Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.