Marina Ibrahim & Associates

My cosmopolitan advantage…

German-Egyptian by birth, dual German-British citizen, I am fluent in both English and German with further language skills in French and Egyptian-Arabic.

Throughout my career I supported professionals, leaders and teams of multinational corporates including:  BENTLEY, BP, BMW, DEA, CATERPILLAR, EMI MUSIC, KELLOGG’S, NIKE, PEPSICO, TATA, various Business Schools with their talent development and diversity strategies.

I have in-depth knowledge, empathy and experience of the challenges and rewards involved with working internationally and living and working abroad.

Intercultural career change

Direct observation of the challenges and results of intercultural ‘mis-communication’  led me to carve a new career in coaching and training. I use my specialist experience in digital media and creative industries, marketing and enterprise creation and business support to help companies work better together – internationally.

Professionally qualified with a Certificate in Cross-Cultural Management & International Project Management Training,  I draw upon a number of tools and resources to achieve excellent results including: GlobalDISC (TM), Systemic Coaching and a range of NLP tools and coaching techniques.

My style

I choose what is most appropriate for the task, individual, team or project in hand. My style is best described as dynamic and energising. By positively challenging and encouraging my clients to find creative solutions, the individual, the team and – ultimately your company all benefit hugely. One client described me thus…

“In life, we all occasionally come across a person whose passion and enthusiasm for what they do is so awe-inspiring, that it blows one out of the water. I’m talking here about one of those people you only meet once in 10 years – the person who would never accept that the sky has limits. Marina is such a person, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work with a truly inspiring person either as a partner, client or customer. Don’t believe me? Go meet with her for an hour and see what transpires!”

 - John Edwards, Business Incubation Manager, University of Huddersfield