Executive Coaching is one of the most versatile and powerful change management tools available to organisations today.

I know that Senior executives face big challenges every day, whether they’re navigating the first days in a new role, driving transformational change or striving to maximise their impact as leaders.

We also know that the provision of executive coaches as part of a well designed and integrated executive coaching programme will provide you with outstanding results that ensure maximum ROI (Returns On Investment).

Why would you need a coach?

I have experience with many various motivations and objectives, each requiring a tailored approach. My programmes cover many situational contexts including:

  • Leadership development – often initiated by some developmental feedback or by looking for the next move within an organisation

  • Transition coaching – as people take on new roles or move into a different area

  • Times of change – mergers, transitions, cultural change programmes

  • Impact coaching – when someone has a specific need to develop their personal impact as leader

  • Support of leadership / talent programmes – both individually led interventions and coaching support days, where delegates can book a coaching session

Coaching benefits

Coaching will help you as an Executive to:

  • Facilitate the change in attitude and behaviour to ensure your people deliver the desired results

  • Develop the talent and potential of your leadership

  • Improve the performance and effectiveness of your managers

  • Significantly improve the culture and therefore motivation of your people

  • Our approach to Coaching

Executive coaching commences with clear agreed goals which can be focused on personal development, working style, or broader business objectives.

The conversations are confidential to allow the Executive to feel comfortable in exploring the widest range of possible solutions.

If appropriate, feedback can be gained through 360-degree feedback or colleague interviews, to ensure the Executive has all the necessary information to support them in delivering even greater personal performance.

Results will be monitored to ensure the goals are achieved.

'Failure is not Fatal, but Failure to CHANGE can be.'

(John Wooden)