Maximise your marketing and sales by understanding your and your customers’ behaviour

Nelson Mandela once said “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, you talk to his head. If you talk to a man in his language, you talk to his heart.”

Sales Coaching

Behaviour profiling does not only attempt to answer how people behave naturally and adapt to situations by describing their key behavioural styles, it also illustrates their driving forces in combination with these behavioural styles, a feature that is unique to GLOBAL DiSC®

I have developed a concept which integrates the sales process with behaviour profiling to achieve maximum results. I provide a bespoke and tailored approach to sales and customer service coaching. By analysing individual and team profiles we can really move this approach forward and ensure our clients have coaching that truly matches them. Based on psychological studies and their own research into the measures, GLOBAL DiSC® has strong validity and reliability figures. It endeavours to reflect the complexity of human nature and doesn’t box people into behavioural styles. For example, the driving forces help understand how the manifestations of behaviour can change depending on your current situation and recent past life events.

We all know the importance of building relationships. But getting to know each other better and establishing profound business relationships from scratch can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be really valuable if we had the ability to build them quickly and effectively?

Imagine how easy it would be to build rapport if you could immediately talk in the same language, if you could even pre-empt your potential client’s wants and needs? That’s what creates brilliant business relationships that last, and are hard to penetrate by the competition.

That’s where the GLOBAL DiSC® behaviour profile comes in and offers your personal Snapshot Profile. Unlike other systems, it provides a 3-pronged analysis:

  1. Your basic behaviour

  2. Your adapted behaviour

  3. Plus (the unique element) combining your driving forces responsible for affecting your behaviour

The combination of the three elements help you to understand what motivates and stresses you as well as others, how to build rapport at a profound level, how to dissolve conflict, and how our behaviour affects others and how to flex for each other.

GLOBAL DiSC® is THE essential communication tool, not only for your E-mail Marketing but also for all aspects of Social Media and Sales. Request a Sample Report.

How can Behaviour Profiling improve your selling skills and strategy?

Behaviour profiling fits hand in hand with our services and can really help our clients improve their marketing, communication and selling skills. Knowledge of different behavioural styles will lead to improved communication and relationship building, which we teach as a fundamental to effective selling. Considering how a customer buys may prove to be a useful way of preparing for interacting with them. However, to adapt effectively it is vital that you understand your own behaviour style and its consequences. Recognising and acting on these differences can build understanding on how to alter your sales approach to increase successful sales interactions. Additionally, behaviour profiling can aid internal communications within our clients’ companies too. By recognising the different profiles within the team, we can help team members adapt accordingly and facilitate positive working relationships.

I am certified GLOBAL DiSC® Profiler, Coach & Trainer. For more details about my GLOBAL DISC based training workshops (including individual and team profiles), please call me on +44 (0)7958 629 220 or email