Reddiplex Export Sales Team

Reddiplex is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of plastics and rubber extrusions with an expertise that is recognised worldwide.

The brief

To design and deliver a bespoke business German language and culture training programme for a dedicated multilingual export team including the Export Sales Manager and Export Sales Coordinators.

The programme

This was tailor-made to meet the job role requirements and the post holders’ day-to-day operational responsibilities. The Export Sales Manager visits international trade exhibitions, fairs and sales meetings. He needed coaching to build confidence in both spoken and written communication such as: sales pitch, sales introductions, vocabulary, phrases, written sales-presentation material, email correspondence, sales meetings etiquette, phone calls (inbound and outbound sales calls) and sales acquisition enquiries.

The method of delivery

A programme of intensive 1 to 1 coaching ran over a 3 month period

The outcome

“Thank you for the coaching. I feel that I have gained an awful lot… in both linguistic and commercial skills. Marina made every second count in ensuring that my German language skills have progressed during the course. I had not used my German extensively for a couple of years since graduating from university, but Marina’s flexible approach enabled her to quickly assess my current level of German and to work out a tailor-made programme which continued to evolve throughout. The programme was designed to suit my individual learning style and to the areas I wanted to develop further, as well as adding a Commercial/Business German angle.

As a result, Marina has worked with me to develop and use a varied “toolkit” of expressions and ideas for a wide variety of commercial situations for both English and German speaking clients. I would strongly recommend Marina, as her versatility and flexibility enable her to create and tailor-make a programme to ensure maximum progress is made, but still with your individual needs at the forefront.”

- Liam Pye, Export Sales Team: