Global Leaders Programme 

Coventry University

Future world leaders expand their global skills through cultural intelligence workshops

The brief

Coventry University students attend the exclusive Global Leaders Programme (GLP), an extracurricular option designed to develop you into a future world leader in your field. They expand their global skills through advanced workshops, global networking, international experience and exposure to inspirational industry leaders.

The programme

An important part of the programme is to meet and hear from current industry leaders and renowned speakers. Throughout the duration of the GLP, the students are able to learn from the experiences of current business professionals and gain an in-depth understanding of how their business has grown and adapted to issues such as technological advances and globalisation.

The method of delivery

Since Jan 2014 Marina has delivered a series of workshops on cross-cultural awareness, culture shock, cross-cultural communication, global mindset, cultural agility, global business etiquette, globalisation to more than 1,000 students from 40 different countries worldwide.

The feedback

“Marina has provided a variety of workshops as part of our Global Leaders Programme here at Coventry University. Covering a variety of topics including: Business Etiquette, Cross-­‐cultural Intelligence and Cultural Agility in Europe. Marina has a very engaging style when facilitating workshops. She has a great ability to bring together diverse groups and to develop an excellent rapport with our students. It has been a pleasure having Marina on board and we hope to continue working with her in the future.” Jessica Bird, Senior Mobility Manager at Coventry University

'Incredibly beneficial' is how I would describe Marina's workshops. I have been able to further develop my communication skills and I am now more effective when working with other, especially in an intercultural context. The insight into the work of eminent authors, such as Professor Geert Hofstede and Richard D. Lewis, that Marina offered was invaluable and I look forward to exploring their work further. I can definitely only offer the strongest of recommendations for Marina having attended her workshops on Intercultural Communication and Intelligent Networking, delivered as part of the Global Leaders Programme. Her enthusiastic delivery was complimented by her impressive knowledge and I can honestly say that I have been left inspired to apply my enhanced skillset wherever I can.” Arandeep Sing, Engineering Student at Coventry University

“It's a difficult task to keep a lecture theatre full of final year University students engaged for a whole hour, but Marina achieved it with our students at Staffordshire University this week. Her fascinating talk about cross-cultural competency captured the attention of the students and culminated in a fascinating Q&A session at the end. Marina has that admirable ability to link theory with real life experiences, making the content of her talk so interesting. I wouldn't hesitate in asking her to come back to talk to our students. To top it off she's a really lovely lady!” Angela Lawrence, Associate Dean Staffordshire Business School