Medium Biography (350 words) 

With over two decades of expertise in cross-cultural leadership and communication, Marina stands at the forefront of global business coaching, merging her rich British-German and Egyptian heritage to offer a distinct professional outlook. As the visionary behind Globility Coaching, she is not just the founder but also a beacon of transformative coaching practices, holding esteemed credentials as a Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner, Everything DiSC® and Global DISC behavioural assessments consultant. Marina is dedicated to championing inclusive leadership and cultural intelligence, making her a pioneer in the field.

Marina's reputation precedes her, especially noted for her impactful collaborations with FTSE 100 companies and multinational corporations. She is celebrated for her innovative training programs that span a broad spectrum, including equity, diversity & inclusion, talent development, leadership, and communication. "Marina's approach is transformative. Her training reshaped our leadership dynamics, bringing a fresh, inclusive perspective," attests a client from a leading multinational firm.

Fluency in German and English enhances Marina's ability to connect with and elevate diverse leaders and teams, making her cosmopolitan mindset an invaluable asset. Her numerous qualifications, highlighted by a MA in Media Enterprise and various coaching certifications, solidify her standing as an expert in her domain. "Her coaching was a game-changer for me – insightful and empowering," an executive client praises.

Beyond her role as a professional speaker and facilitator, Marina is a fervent advocate for Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion. A recent FSB winner in the Diversity & Inclusion Award in the West Midlands 2024, she excels in devising dynamic coaching and training programs specifically tailored for the nuanced needs of multinational environments. "Marina helped our team navigate multicultural challenges with ease, enhancing our overall performance," a satisfied SME owner commends.

Marina's global perspective is not just a testament to her adaptability but also her unique ability to harness cognitive diversity to boost team performance and profitability. "Working with Marina opened our eyes to the power of diverse thinking in driving business success," reflects a client.

In essence, Marina's mission revolves around nurturing an 'inclusive mindset' among leaders, which she identifies as the bedrock for cultivating trust, motivating teams, and fostering impactful leadership in today's interconnected global landscape.