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Marina Ibrahim is an accomplished Cultural Agility speaker, facilitator, coach, and consultant, blending her Egyptian-German heritage with her European professional background. Certified in coaching and a Chartered Marketer, she's a multi-award winner in Service Excellence for cross-cultural training, frequently nominated for her work in international business communication.

Marina’s journey began in Germany, where she established a successful marketing career before relocating to the UK. Her passion for cultural diversity and inclusive mindset consulting is reflected in her work with multinational giants across the globe, enhancing their talent and diversity strategies. Holding an MA in Media Enterprise, she is adept in German, English, with knowledge of Egyptian-Arabic and French.

Her global experience is matched by a dynamic speaking style, driven by the belief that “There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet” (William Butler Yeats). 

Marina's engagements are memorable for their insightful blend of professional acumen and personal anecdotes, resonating with diverse audiences.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Marina's zest for life is evident in her love for tennis, hiking, scuba diving, and dancing. A conga enthusiast and music lover, she also enjoys cooking and traveling, always eager to embrace new cultures and experiences.