Marketing Manager SP/ARK Start-Up Hub 

Intercultural Coach & Marketing Manager

Marina Ibrahim developed and launched the SPARK “Space for Creativity” Business Incubation Hub in 2004 with European Regional Development Funds and Wolverhampton Science Park Limited.

Aimed to provide subsidised office space and support for start-up companies in the Creative Industries Sector to raise the technology profile of the West Midlands area and to retain and nurture talents in creative and digital media including product design, photo, film & video production, video gaming, engineering, and ICT.

SP/ARK - Creative Industries Centre – Wolverhampton Science Park

The Feedback

I worked with Marina over a period of two years developing a Creative Industries focused incubator on the Science Park in Wolverhampton. The project was very ambitious; the challenges were wide ranging from attracting high quality creative businesses in an area where the majority of talented businesses were attracted to Birmingham Manchester or London to finds their success. The incubator was an excellent success based mainly on Marina’s innovative approach to the incubator and person dedication. Marina created an environment/culture which encouraged a community of creatives to develop and thrive. The incubator at Wolverhampton Science park was became one of the few incubators to work effectively, meeting the targets of the funding organisations and stakeholders. I would recommend Marina to any company looking for a person to create a positive change within their business. Aidan Sheridan, Research and Enterprise Manager at Goldsmith, University of London

I have had the pleasure of working with Marina for some years now and in that time have found her to be a highly professional and a very personable person. Marina is very highly thought of for her knowledge and commitment to the creative industries. Marina has a skill that enables her to go straight to the heart of the problem for the businesses she works with and helps solve it with the greatest of ease. In short Marina is a great asset to the creative sector and I have no hesitation in recommending her. Percy Emmett, Specialist Freelance Trainer, Coach and & Mentor for Creative, Cultural & High Growth Businesses